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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Tangy, light, and sweet with a faint grilled taste – giving a wink and a nod to that classic Mediterranean grilled lemon flavour, this white balsamic vinegar is utterly delicious and a fantastic addition to your pantry. It makes for the most scrumptious salads throughout the year, particularly with tomato, cucumber, avocado, and feta. While it is excellent to use in vinaigrettes and marinades, it adds great depth of flavour to ceviche, grilled lamb, or chicken. We also love drizzling it over whole fish or vegetables before roasting, but to really enjoy it’s flavour, try it in chicken piccata for a deep-yet-balanced fresh-tasting lemon flavour.

OLIVE OIL PAIRINGS: ​ Tuscan Herb, Gremolata, Basil, Herbes de Provence, Rosemary, Garlic

COMPLEMENTS: Vinaigrettes, Pasta, Marinades for Lamb, Pork Poultry and Seafood, Risotto, Leafy / Winter Greens, Vegetables, White Beans, Shrubs


- Combine with our Medium EVOO and drizzle over an arugula salad.

- Use it to make a fantastic aioli and serve with grilled or steamed artichokes.
- Combine with Rosemary olive oil and use to marinate lamb or chicken before roasting.

- Splash some over grilled fish before serving.

- Combine with a Mild EVOO and drizzle over green beans.

- Combine with Garlic olive oil and Dijon mustard to dress a grilled potato salad.

- Pour some in a tall glass of icy cold homemade lemonade to add an intriguing flavour to the mix.


200ML = $14.95

375ML = $21.95

750ML = $36.95

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