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What People Are Saying

Julie - The best olive oils and balsamic vinegars!! Way too many flavours to choose from. Healthy and delish. Check it out! Yum.

Jessica - Delicious, I wanted to try one of everything! I would totally have a private party here. We went home with three bottles and will be back. Try the chipotle olive oil and maple balsamic vinegar. Yum.

Amanda - Make the time to stop and do some tasting. They have many different flavours of balsamic vinegars and olive oil, there is something for everyone here. These make great gift ideas for anyone. I live out of town and recently had an order delivered. The owner, Jamie was great he went above and beyond to make sure that we received it on time and even followed up when the package said it had been delivered. Excellent products and service! Thank you, we will be visiting the next time we are in town and will be sure to refer our friends!

Heather - Very friendly, knowledgeable staff. Came in for a tasting with friends and left inspired!

Christina - I just learned about this store earlier this year from their set up at the Western Fair Farmer's Market. I visited the store a few weeks after that and wasn't disappointed! The store is beautiful. The staff is super friendly and helpful, not to mention they really know their products too! There are so many different flavours of balsamics and types of olive oils, it's a little overwhelming. But the staff does a great job at guiding you through it all. I sought out these products as a healthy alternative to traditional and store bought salad dressings. I was surprised when I left the store with 4 balsamics and 0 olive oils! I thought I had been more interested in the olive oils haha... Oh well, I am loving everything I bought so far... I literally wish I could buy one of everything!... I'll be back very soon!

Sam - Staff has always been very friendly and helpful any time I've gone in. Not once have they made me feel dumb for my lack of knowledge on their products. They even recommend flavour combinations, offer tastings, and one time an appetizer suggestion using the oil and vinegar I had just bought! A couple bottles, or one of their variety boxes, make great gifts!! They package them beautifully if that's why you're buying, too.

Michelle - Love their oils and vinegars! We purchased our wedding favors from here and their service was absolutely amazing and they were very accommodating. We will be going back when ever we are in town!!

Mary & Doug - The best olive oil I've found in our area. And the service is 2nd to none. Thank you for both and please don't ever move away. We will be customers for life. Anyone looking for great olive oils or balsamic vinegar should check you out . You won't be disappointed . Again thank-you 

Liz - I just recently completed my first ever order of a couple of bottles of EVOO and balsamic vinegar from Pristine Olive in London, Ont. I must say dealing with Jamie and his store was an awesome experience! He was extremely knowledgeable and helped me choose a suitable EVOO. Shipping was extremely quick, the items were packaged perfectly, and they all taste absolutely delicious! I would highly recommend the Pristine Olive!

Steve - I love this store! The knowledge and expertise of the staff is unsurpassed in the area and I was really helped and educated. Thank you Jamie for taking the time to help me!

Sylvie - I met Dave when he was “educating “ people about The Pristine Olive and their products. He was in the middle of telling a couple of ladies about the benefit he derived from taking one tablespoon of the most robust olive oil they sell, once a day and how it relieved his arthritic pain in his hand. That certainly caught my attention and I approached the small group and listened in, he was most convincing and since I suffer from the same ailment but in my left knee, I thought I had nothing to lose and made my way that day to the store on Cheapside where I met Jamie. (Dave's son) Jamie set me up with one of their robust extra virgin olive oils (with a high polyphenol count) and I started taking my one tablespoon every morning. Within one week I started walking three blocks instead of one, after two weeks I was walking without any pain and now almost three months later I’m walking 3-5 kms without any problems.  When I saw Dave at the store I hugged him, this was nothing short of a miracle. I had been having this problem for almost three years and thought that my walking days were over, I was devastated as it is my daily exercise and I’m not even 60 yet, but now I’m walking like I did in my prime. Thank you so much and please share my story as I feel it will benefit so many people.

Anonymous - When I first started reading about extra virgin olive oil (the real stuff) I soon realized there were many health benefits attributed to consuming it daily. Four or five months ago I started mixing 2 tablespoons of real, fresh, high quality extra virgin olive oil into my morning smoothie (consisting of 4 veggies and 4 fruits). For the past two years I have had continuous pain in the fingers on my right hand and could only maintain a partial grip. I have not changed my daily routine except to consume the extra virgin olive oils found at The Pristine Olive - my hand is now 95% functional and the pain is gone. I attribute it to the unmatched quality and freshness of the olive oils found at The Pristine Olive, and I couldn't be happier with the results!

Evan - I've been to 'Tasting Bars' in other cities (like Liquid Gold in Halifax) and was pretty excited to see this one in London. Jamie (the owner) is an expert on the various kinds of oils and their health benefits, and he takes the time to walk you through the store to sample them until you find what you want. You won't go back to the supermarket brands once you realize what real olive oil tastes like.

Jo - This place is great! I love the Tuscan herb olive oil and the raspberry balsamic vinegar is very very delicious.

Anonymous - One of my friends recently referred me to The Pristine Olive and I was not disappointed! They offer the highest quality, freshest, extra virgin olive oils from all over the World, as well as a wonderful selection of Balsamic Vinegars. If you're looking for something flavourful for your own kitchen or a unique gift for friends and family it's worth the trip.

Andrea - Excellent selection and taste! We use the oils and balsamic all summer long on everything from salads to grilled meats and veggies!

Allison - The best tasting Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oils I have ever tasted! Thank you to your Market staff for introducing me to such an amazing product!

Rick - Fantastic quality around! Especially love the Tuscan!

Phyllis - May 24, 2013 was the first day that I started to take a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil from the Pristine Olive that was high in polyphenols.
I had heard/read of the many benefits to one's health that could be had from taking a robust olive oil dose every day....and since my hands were becoming more arthritic every day, I decided to give this natural remedy a try.
My hands, especially my "mouse" or right hand was extremely gnarly, with inflamed knuckles, and a painful 'trigger finger'.
Within days, my hands improved greatly; now, I no longer have a trigger finger, the painful inflammation is GONE, and the arthritic knobs are greatly reduced.
I really wish that I had taken a 'before' photo to be able to show you the difference in my hands.
Thanks for all your great information and advice.You have a customer for life.


Marsha - Customer service supremo!!

Lorraine - We had a beautiful wedding on Sunday - the weather, the flowers, the gown, the venue -- everything was perfect.  Adding to the perfection were the favours!!!  Everyone was so impressed with the olive oils and balsamics. There were rave reviews about the bottles, the personalized sticker and the uniqueness of the gifts. On behalf of all of us, we would like to sincerely thank you for all you time and helpfulness when we were selecting the favours.

Joe - Your oils and balsamics have truly changed my life. I look forward to my salad each day and can’t get enough of them. My wife can’t believe the change, I tell everyone about your products!

Anne - At Christmas time our doctor told my husband his cholesterol was too high. He gave him three months to try and change it with diet, but told him people are not usually successful and he would probably have to go on medication. So for the past three months we have been eating less processed food and eating more fish, also a smoothy a day, usually with spinach and fruit, and we always added some of your extra virgin olive oil, we like the blood orange.  We no longer snack on chips or cheesies, but instead make our own nuts & bolts with your olive oil.
I'm happy to report that we visited the doctor today and he was amazed.  He told my husband that his cholesterol count went from 3.12 to 2.45 and he's never seen anyone have that much success.  He also said that was the lowest his count has been since they started testing it.  He told him to keep doing what he's doing and no medication is needed.  Yeah! We will continue to be steady customers!

Desiree - I am very grateful for your product in terms of how much it reduced my inflammation (I am a long distance runner).   Truly remarkable.    I hope that more athletes read this!!! 

Dale - I take a tablespoon of your high polyphenol extra virgin olive oil every morning with my juice. I have been doing this for 2 years with amazing results for my arthritis in my hands and shoulders. I could not sleep very well with the pain in my shoulders at night, Right now I have very little pain since I started taking your olive oil. My hands are much better and I can hold my golf club a lot better since I started your oil. I would advise anyone who has arthritis to try it. It takes about 25 days to kick in but the results are fantastic. I will see you when I need more. Take care and have a great day.