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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Our mango whole fruit vinegar is a true-to-fruit version of the mango fruit that is enjoyed across the Mediterranean. This classic fruit is both rich and velvety with a natural sweetness that projects its rich, bright and sweet flavours. Pair it with Mexican Spice or Chipotle olive oil for a sweet and spicy marinade or add to your favourite cocktail and mango lassi. Perfect to finish gelato or vanilla ice cream.

OLIVE OIL PAIRINGS: Blood Orange, Basil, Persian Lime, Garlic, Cayenne, Chipotle, Toasted Sesame Seed, Tuscan Herb, Medium EVOO, Cilantro & Red Onion

COMPLEMENTS: Vinaigrettes, Marinades for Chicken, Beef and Seafood, BBQ sauces, Leafy Greens; Rice, Grains, Legumes, Salsas, Tropical Fruit, Desserts and Drinks


- Combine with a spicy olive oil, diced mango, cucumbers, red onions and cilantro for a delicious salsa.

- Combine with Persian Lime, diced mango and fresh mint to dress seared or grilled fish.

- For delicious fajitas or fish tacos, combine it with Chipotle olive oil to marinade steaks or fish fillets before grilling.

- Reduce and use it as a dipping sauce for coconut shrimp.

- Use in your next batch of homemade mango chutney and serve with pork chops or roast turkey breast.

- Use to reduce the amount of added sugar in homemade sorbets, smoothies or fruity cocktails.


200ML = $14.95

375ML = $21.95

750ML = $36.95

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