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LIME balsamic

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Our  Lime Infused White Balsamic Condimento has all of the aroma and flavour of a freshly squeezed lime with no bitterness and a perfect harmony of blossom, rind, and juice. Super refreshing and versatile when it comes to sweet and savoury!

OLIVE OIL PAIRINGS: ​Mild Intensity EVOO, Garlic, Cayenne, Lemon, Chipotle

COMPLEMENTS: Green Sauces, Braised or Roasted Pork,  Marinade for fish or seafood, Mixed Drinks, Salsas, Vinaigrettes for Leafy Greens, Desserts.


 - Use in citrus-based desserts, such as key lime pie.

-  Marinade for Carne Asada.

-  Salsa Verde.

- Carnitas.

- Ceviche, especially scallop ceviche.

- The perfect finishing touch to a Caipirinha.

- Pico de Gallo.


200ML = $13.95

375ML = $20.95

750ML = $34.95

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