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Robust IntensityThis is a great Frantoio, with lots of hot chili pepper finish in the mouth as well as notes of black pepper.  The balance is very harmonious. It does not have much of the minty or cinnamon-y notes you typically find in this variety, but it has an abundance of green herbs and leaves with some pleasant and notable grassiness. Crush Date: May 2020

Oleic​ Acid:   71.2%
Acidity (FFA)​:  .19%
Peroxides​:   7.22
Polyphenols​:   409
1,2 DAGs​:   91.4%
PPP:   1.1%
K-232​:   1.68
Category:  Robust
Country of Origin​:  Chile
Evalulated by:  Paul Vossen 

Conservation:  Cool, dry conditions, away from direct sunlight.
Shelf Life​:  12 to 18 months from crush date

200ml = $13.95

375ml = $20.95

750ml = $34.95

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