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Robust IntensityA very fresh, robust oil that is typical of the Coratina variety. It is very pungent, yet nicely balanced with medium bitterness and intense fruitiness. It has great depth with characteristic herbal spiciness of mint, black pepper and chili pepper, but overall, the aroma and flavour explode with fresh-cut grass and cinnamon. Crush Date: October 2020

Oleic​ Acid:   75.2
Acidity (FFA)​:   .16
Peroxides​:   1.7
Polyphenols​:   608
1,2 DAGs​:   99.4%
PPP:   <1%
K-232​:   1.51
Category:  Robust
Country of Origin​:  Italy
Evaluated by:  Paul Vossen 

Conservation:  Cool, dry conditions, away from direct sunlight.
Shelf Life​:  up to 18 months from crush date

200ML = $13.95

375ML = $20.95 

750ML = $34.95

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