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Robust Intensity - The Peruvian Coratina is a fantastic example of a complex, robust EVOO. The oil represents the best qualities of the Coratina olive variety. The oil’s high aroma is intensely herbal, with high green fruitiness and perfectly balanced bitterness and pungency. In mouth, the EVOO starts slightly buttery with a ripe apple flavor and progresses into layers of fresh cut grass, green herbs, green apple, cinnamon, mint, black peppercorns, and green chili.Crush Date: May 2022

Oleic​ Acid:  n/a (@ time of post)
Acidity (FFA)​:  0.16
Peroxides​:  3.1
Polyphenols​:  567
1,2 DAGs​:   94.9%
PPP: n/a (@ time of post)

Fruity​:  8.5
Bitter:   4.5
Pungency:  8.0
Category:  Robust
Country of Origin​:  Peru
Evaluated by:  Paul Vossen 

Conservation:  Cool, dry conditions, away from direct sunlight.
Shelf Life​:  up to 18 months from crush date

200ML = $14.95

375ML = $21.95 

750ML = $36.95

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