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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Italian produced organic Piedmont honey vinegar and Pinot Grigio grape must are combined with natural ginger powder to create this spectacular, and beautifully structured honey-based vinegar. The dynamic fusion of honey and ginger opens up to perfectly well balanced savoury and sweet flavours. The recipe ideas formed from the aromas of the freshly harvested Italian honey, kissed by the gentle heat of ginger, are as dizzying as the scent of this balsamic. From salads, to noodles, to stir-fries, any Asian inspired dish can benefit. Cold drinks, mulled cider, shrubs and hot sangria will never be the same.

OLIVE OIL PAIRINGS: ​Persian Lime, Garlic, Lemon, Toasted Sesame Seed, Gremolata, Basil, Herbes de Provence

COMPLEMENTS: Asian or Middle Eastern inspired Vinaigrettes. Marinades for Root Vegetables, Beef, Chicken, Pork and Seafood. Dressings for Rice, Grains, Soba, Buckwheat and Rice Noodles; Sauces for Stir-Fries; Reductions for glazes; Fresh Fruit and Drinks.


- Use to marinate cucumbers or fresh zucchini and add to a salad.

- Use to deglaze a pan after searing seafood.

- Combine with brown sugar and use to glaze baby back ribs.

- Use in stir-fries by mixing with Toasted Sesame Seed oil.

- Combine with Persian Lime (or Blood Orange) olive oil and chopped parsley to roast carrots and red beets.

- Great on kale or arugula salads.

- Drizzle to finish steamed or fried rice.

- Add to sparkling water for a refreshing drink.


200ML = $14.95

375ML = $21.95

750ML = $36.95

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