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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Reminiscent of the sweet flavour of freshly churned butter from the green hills of Normandy, this remarkably delicious butter infused olive oil is a wonderful vegan alternative. Its texture is smooth and silky, while its delicately sweet flavour can please the palate of the most seasoned chef. Whether you use it to toss pasta, pop popcorn, drizzle over vegetables, or use it in baked goods, you will find this butter infused olive oil an absolutely versatile and simply splendid ingredient.

VINEGAR PAIRINGS: Traditional Dark, Bourbon Maple, Cinnamon Pear, Honey Ginger, Condimento Bianco

COMPLEMENTS: Vegan Cuisine, Seafood, Popcorn, Roasted Vegetables, Baking, Corn, Grilled Flatbread, Artichokes


- Use in baking in place of butter, or whenever you need melted butter.

- Combine with Cinnamon Pear over squash.

- Cook popcorn, or use in an oil mister and spray after cooking.

- Combine with Bourbon Maple balsamic and pour over pancakes and waffles.

- Recommended for anyone vegetarian, vegan or with dairy allergies or intolerances.


200ML = $14.95

375ML = $22.95

750ML = $38.95

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