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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Our newly released super spicy Cayenne was custom crushed for us in Murcia, Spain to match a Scoville heat index of 30,000. This oil has medium-high aromas of intense cayenne pepper and expectedly pungent red capsicum.  Upon tasting, the heat-seeking red cayenne flavours blast through your mouth with its exceptionally clean mouthfeel and extremely intense fruity red pepper heat with ample pungency and long-lasting persistency.   This oil is very HOT – you have been warned! Cayenne is a staple in Mexican, African, Middle-Eastern, Asian and Southern American cuisines. It is a versatile olive oil that is also fantastic over oven roasted cauliflower steaks or drizzled over creamy soups.

VINEGAR PAIRINGS: Traditional Dark, ​Chocolate, Mango, Honey Ginger, Sicilian Lemon, Bourbon Maple, Blackberry Ginger

COMPLEMENTS: Roasted Potatoes, Arrabiata Sauce, Grilled Chicken, Roasted Cauliflower, to fry up quesadillas / taco meat / fajitas / meatballs / even eggs, the sky is the limit for adding some spice!


​- Sauté or grill vegetables.

- Use with any balsamic listed above for a great marinade.

- Before cooking, sauté dry rice until translucent.

- Combine with Mango, or Honey Ginger for an extra spicy and sweet dressing.

- Use to pan-fry quesadilla’s or meat balls on top of spaghetti

- Add to anything you want extra hot flavour and spice!


200ml = $15.95

375ml = $24.95

750ml = $42.95

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