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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The quintessential North African condiment, harissa is a fragrant warm and spicy chili pepper paste. Most harissa recipes call for a variety of roasted red and green chili peppers, garlic, coriander, caraway, saffron, mint and olive oil. The warm and inviting aromas of this delicious condiment blend superbly in our harissa infused olive oil. It is the perfect olive oil for lamb, chicken and fish or shellfish marinades, but it is equally delicious as a finishing oil for legumes, stews and grains.

VINEGAR PAIRINGS: Traditional Dark, ​Chocolate, Mango, Habanero Honey, Italian Espresso, Condimento Bianco

COMPLEMENTS: Chicken Tagine, Lamb Stew, Hummus, Spicy Grain Salads, Grilled Vegetables


​- Marinate with any balsamic above for grilling.

- Combine with Mango or Habanero Honey for a spicy, sweet and savoury dressing.

- Use to cook fried or scrambled eggs.

- Add to lamb or chicken with fresh peppers before roasting.

- Drizzle over hummus, sprinkle with za’atar.


200ML = $15.95

375ML = $22.95

750ML = $38.95

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