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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This amazing infused EVOO is made with the fresh oil and natural aromas of Italian blood oranges. A delightfully bright and zesty infused olive oil that is piquant, but never pithy or bitter. The clean aroma and mouthfeel of blood oranges and fresh evoo is second to none. This oil is a staff, customer (and our kids) favourite due to its versatile flavour profile and fruit forward aroma.

VINEGAR PAIRINGS: Traditional Dark, Sicilian Lemon, Cranberry Pear, Chocolate, Fig, Cinnamon Pear, Espresso, Blueberry, Mango, Red Apple

COMPLEMENTS: Brownies, Scallops, Fruity Vinaigrettes, Roasted Red Beets, Seafood, Olive Oil Cake, Baking and Pancakes


- Combine with Traditional Dark balsamic to marinate seafood, pork or poultry.

- Combine with any balsamic above for a great salad dressing.

- Use in baking in place of butter or other oils, i.e., brownies, cakes or muffins.

- Drizzle over roasted red beets or sweet potatoes.

- Frying up pancakes and/or French Toast (the kids favourite!).


200ML = $15.95

375ML = $22.95

750ML = $38.95

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