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Winter Beet and Pomegranate Salad

December 08, 2021

Winter Beet and Pomegranate Salad

Featuring Robust Green Extra Virgin Olive Oil


4 to 6 beets (Red beets, or use a mixture of red and golden beets to add more colour)

1 pomegranate

¾ cup crumbled PDO Greek Feta

¼ cup a robust, green Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 tsp Greek oregano

2 tbsp Oregano White Balsamic (or 2 tbsp of Pomegranate Dark Balsamic)

Pinch of sea salt

Freshly ground black pepper 


  1. In a large pot of water boil the beets until a knife pierces a beet easily.  
  2. Allow the beets to cool and then slide the skin off under running cold tap water (should come off easily).
  3. Cut the beets into 1-2 inch wedges and place them in a large salad bowl. 
  4. Remove all berries from the pomegranate and add to the cooled, cut beets.
  5. Add remaining ingredients to the beets, toss to completely mix and serve.  

Extra Tips:
  • When boiling any root vegetables, such as beets, start them off in a pot of cold water or the outside will cook faster than the inside.
  • You can add optional items such as walnuts, leafy greens, or a fresh squeeze of orange juice. 
  • This is a great salad to make ahead of time, perfect for entertaining and holiday meals. Please remember that if you are making the salad ahead of time, do not add leafy greens until you are ready to serve.