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Medium Intensity - The Carolea is a medium green EVOO with a pleasant hint of pungency balanced by its mild bitterness and ripe delicate fruitiness. This oil has notes of ripe caramel apple balanced by its buttery flavours and mouthfeel.  Aromas of nuttiness, tropical fruit, and banana make for a great contrast with its flavours of dark, leafy-green nettle, cooked artichoke, and black pepper, all of which make this cultivar quite complex and unique. - Crush Date: October 2021     

Oleic​ Acid:   72.19%
Acidity (FFA)​:  0.13%
Peroxides​:   2.3
Polyphenols​:   449
1,2 DAGs​:   91.4%
PPP:   <1%                                                                                                                       

Category:  Medium
Country of Origin​:  Italy
Evaluated by:  Paul Vossen  

Conservation:  Cool, dry conditions, away from direct sunlight. 
Shelf Life​:  12 to 18 months from crush date

200ml = $14.95

375ml = $21.95

750ml = $36.95

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