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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: A new seasonal flavour that’s sure to be an instant favourite amongst customers! Whole fruit apple puree, a touch of apple cider vinegar, and warm spices come together to make a lovely addition to your fall salads, roasted root vegetables, hearty winter greens, breakfast items & baked goods, and cool weather cocktails!

OLIVE OIL PAIRINGS: Blood Orange, Rosemary, Roasted Walnut, Tuscan Herb

COMPLEMENTS: Vinaigrettes, Hearty Winter Greens, Root Vegetables, Baked Goods, Cocktails


- Drizzle over roasted sweet potato or butternut squash.

- Pair with roasted walnut oil for a perfect salad dressing.

- Dress a warm root vegetable salad.

- Finish a quinoa and roasted apple salad.

- Combine with Butternut Squash or Pumpkin Seed Oil for a wonderful, cool weather vinaigrette.

200ML = $13.95 - SOLD OUT

375ML = $20.95 - SOLD OUT

750ML = $34.95 - SOLD OUT

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